The management of a computing park required human resources, high level technical skills and quality hardware, one question can be asked in this framework : why not outsource it to a specialized third party ? In this article we will answer this question with 5 reasons to take actions !


        1. First reason : the cost

Outsource its infrastructure to a third party imply some costs. Nonetheless you can leverage managed services (outsourcing) as the means are shared with the service provider would it concern hardware ressources, human ressources, management or storage ressources.


       2. The ability to control the cost

The outsourcing of your infrastructure allows you a better control of your costs. You can analyse and establish clearly the amount of money of the centralized management of your infrastructure at the reception of your monthly bill. When you use internal resources, you take the risk to face several harmful factors as data loss, absenteeism, punctual intervention entailed by lack of time, etc … All these factors bring to a more complex and less readable analyses of the overall cost of your IS.


      3. A valid reason : focus on your core business


Benefits from an internal IT teams entail to manage technical and human resources on issues that you could not always master. When you decide to outsource your infrastructure, you allow your IT teams to gain time and to focus on your respective tasks. All you have to do is delegate the technical requirements and needs to your partner.


     4. Benefits from an industrial and secured management


Security is the nowadays number 1 goal of companies and namely since the evolution of cyber-attacks, virus ransomware …. That keep growing.
Working with a specialized infrastructure partner give you the warranty of an expertise and a knowhow of normative process, required skills or quality, secured and maintained hardware.


     5. Be scalable

By reaching experts, you free yourself from expensive investments that are likely to occur  when you want to review your formula or modify your contract.

The service bring a flexible framework at the beginning of the project / contract. It adapts to your request and your needs by providing you with various services: the necessary resources, the management of your storage, etc …



There are several pros to outsource your IT infrastructure management to a trusted service provider. It entails cost savings, and increased security and more generally it brings you more serenity in your daily IT operations.

Discover in our eBooks all the advantages related to the centralized management of your IT infrastructure and how you can benefits from managed services.


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