Discover Ozitem’s DNA:

100%-digital culture and innovation

Our Digital First culture

Ozitem is your digital transformation partner, making innovation part of your everyday.

The Ozitem Group brings together two sets of infrastructure experts: Ozitem for in situ infrastructure and Owentis for cloud infrastructure. Our goal is to add value to your IT ecosystem.

Nowadays, every organisation is having to adapt to an increasingly digital world, all bringing their own requirements and unique operating models to the table. Ozitem, a company operating for 28 years but still offering that personal touch, considers every company’s individual characteristics before introducing a range of bespoke digital services.

Our DIGITAL FIRST culture runs throughout everything we do, thanks to:

  • the agile solutions developed by our engineers;
  • our high-performing user support services, based on flexible & efficient methods;
  • the start-up mindset of our talented R&D team;
  • our expert sales team who are firmly focussed on customer success;
  • the impeccable standards of our quality-control department.

IT leaders play an important role in transforming our economies.
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The Internet of Things, the Cloud, Mobile, Social and Information Technology are all changing the landscape of the technology market and the technology platforms we build our businesses on. Gartner believes the emergence of the digital economy means you, as IT leaders, need to shift the balance towards digital humanism, because every business interaction is a human interaction. What we need is a humanist digital manifesto. So, here are 3 principles to help you shift the balance: put people at the centre of your operations, embrace unpredictability, respect personal space.

Our Values


Since it began 28 years ago, Ozitem has always stayed true to its key values, the cornerstones of its successful business strategy.

We cultivate agility, innovation and team spirit.


The two most important keys to success in business don’t even appear on the balance sheet: reputation and people


Coming together is just the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success


Business intelligence is all about getting the most out of the skills available


Quality is the single greatest source of customer loyalty, your main competitive advantage and the only way to sustain growth and profitability

The Ozitem Group has always been firmly committed to its customers and ensuring they have access to high-quality services. To safeguard our ability to continue serving them, in recent years, the company has introduced a comprehensive quality management system, which conforms to ISO 9001: 2008 standard, but also to ITIL best practice guidelines.

We have incorporated these good practice strategies in our quality management system to improve the overall quality of our information systems and user support, particularly in our operations centres. Furthermore, we consider our supplier procurement extremely carefully, such as those for our data centres, Global Switch and Equinix. These two data centres are both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified (data security).

Implementing our quality strategy allows us to provide a structured and systematic approach throughout our entire workflow, from pre-sales to completing your projects.


As a socially responsible company, Ozitem has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact network since 2013, demonstrating our commitments to respecting human rights, employment law, the environment and the fight against corruption. This approach sits perfectly with the Group’s ethical charter, with the ongoing aim of ensuring the long-term future of the business.

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Our history

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