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INSEAD, the prestigious French management school, has an international presence in France, Asia and the Middle East. More than 1,300 students and 9,500 executives take part in their high-level training programmes each and every year.

INSEAD is a unique institution that has always made the quality of its teaching a top priority, where innovation and creativity are a fundamental part of the school’s DNA.

By way of proof, telepresence and audiovisual technology are at the heart of INSEAD’s business and educational programmes.


INSEAD had the facilities to provide a very academic approach to education, where transmission essentially ran one-way from teachers to students with poor levels of collaboration.

With an approach centred on continuous improvement, the challenge was about working out how to transform their existing audiovisual solution, a once critical business application that had become obsolete over the years, so as to offer the most fluid and perfect user experience as possible, thereby contributing to the development of collaborative intelligence?


To respond to the challenge, Owentis relied on proven methodology being implemented by a certified team with strong knowledge on audiovisual infrastructure integration.

Owentis supported the school in modernising and maintaining their audiovisual, telepresence and broadcast equipment by:

  • researching and producing installation diagrams,

    planning works;

  • coordinating the site with various stakeholders;
  • physically integrating the audiovisual equipment (telepresence and broadcasting) across 70 rooms;
  • configuring and programming automated machinery;
  • ensuring quality-control of the services provided and producing documentation.


The solution introduced by Owentis was based on an ecosystem made up of a range of manufacturers and partners providing MARKET-LEADING TECHNOLOGY, including Cisco, Crestron, Extron, LG, JBL, NEC, Crown, Panasonic, etc.

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