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Sitti is an online agency, website creator and SEO consultant.

They provide turnkey solutions for their clients’ website development, hosting and indexing online (primarily in e-commerce, among other industries).

Sitti’s key figures:

  • +12,000 websites created for SMEs
  • 15 years’ experience in their industry
  • 11 agencies


Sitti was facing significant technological challenges due to a proprietary API linked to Sitti’s back office and the sheer volume of hosted information.

Growing overall dissatisfaction therefore pushed Sitti to join a trusted

service provider, capable of identifying their operational needs, supporting their development, comprehensively, and adhering to very precise deadlines.

To respond to Sitti’s challenges, Owentis deployed a 5-step solution:

  • Audit phase (reverse engineering).
  • Providing a cloud platform.
  • Adapting their API based on the most high-performing tool on the market, Ansible, developed in just 30 days.
  • Migrating their entire scope of activity in just 6 days (around 3,000 sites per night).
  • Industrialising their platform.


Firstly, this migration allowed Sitti to regain control of their environments (infrastructure and applications).

Furthermore, Sitti now benefits from the responsiveness of our services and the advice of our teams, allowing them to optimise the performance and availability of their websites.

Owentis has gone further than what was originally asked for, as it continues to give Sitti the very best of its expertise, identifying issues, finding where they begin and solving them within the best possible deadlines.

Once the project was successfully completed, Owentis was asked to expand their scope of responsibilities, continuing to support Sitti in their longer-term development.

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