In a world where Cloud and Big Data are becoming more and more important, organizations are increasingly outsourcing their backup management with backup solution specialized company – following a goal to focus on their core business and to avoid daily tedious procedures. Moreover, organizations want to ensure a recovery plan in case of data lost.

What is backup as a service ?

The principle is to outsource the overall backup of your data with a company specialized in backup solution. This operation allows you to gain time and to ensure an increased security compared to local storage.

Many reasons can justify the use of a « back up as a service » :

  • Increased security: There are no security comparisons between online and onsite backup as online account are accessible and secured with password. Moreover, the encryption in the cloud ensure that no one can use your data except your workstations. In case of failure (natural disaster, electricity failure, data corruption …), a rapid recovery can be operated. Nonetheless, backup processes as to be framed by legal mention notices and notified to final users.
  • Accessible data: Another pros of this type of solution is the pervasiveness of data : data are accessible everywhere, anytime by connecting to his account, only one internet connection is needed. You benefit from high availibity of your data with a considerable storage space.
  • Cost effective solution: You make savings on hardware and the cost for data in the cloud is low – and provide you an on made storage space.
  • Automated backups are made for you: Back up as a service ensure automated backup at regular intervals, or real time synchronization. This service also ensures update and maintenance of the solution. Finally, thanks to these new generations of online application, the data hosting is ensured by an expert who ensure the storage and the application management every day, for the IT services as well as for servers from a highly secured data center.

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