Choosing the cloud means giving your employees access to company data from anywhere, in real-time and from all their different devices.

Your legacy tech will often consist of a firewall, DLP, MDM, SSL, VPN and web proxy, protecting your infrastructure, but certainly not your managed applications (Office 365, Gsuite, Salesforce) nor your non-managed ones (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) within the cloud.

Indeed, cloud applications and mobility are pushing data far beyond any firewall’s area of control.

That’s where Bitglass comes in, a CASB tool that guarantees total data protection from any app and any device.

The CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) tool protects cloud service consumers by cleaning up service provider flows. Any existing protection already in place (authentication, firewalls, anti-malware, VPN, IDS/IPS) won’t be replaced, but rather complemented by this new tool on the market, which is forcing current security practices to play catch up.

Let’s look at a real-world example. With the cloud-version of Office 365, companies have to open up their firewall, because Microsoft requires many different application channels. UTM (Unified Threat Management), the all-in-one security device, is powerless against cloud-based application traffic. It will soon become irrelevant with the growing use of SaaS applications. That’s where the CASB tool comes in, complementing both the firewall and UTM. It allows incoming cloud flows to be filtered, whilst reducing your exposure to any risks in the hybrid model.

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Below is a diagram explaining the Bitglass solution:



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CASB Bitglass in brief:

  • Total security for all your cloud applications
  • Agent-free deployment on all types of equipment
  • Data protection anywhere, in real time

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