Often criticized and rejected for being complex and sometime too technical, videoconferencing has been entering a new era for the past few years.
Indeed, launching a video conference entailed the technical service support and a lot of patience.
Now and with the improvement of technologies, innovation and simplified approaches: videoconferencing is readily available and usable for all.

Videoconferencing based on cloud offer has a strong added value and is valuable asset to accelerate digital transformation projects, it’s a revolution!

Two tendencies that initiated the phenomenon of digitalization allow images and videos to spread itself into company very smoothly.

This is the profusion of mobile terminals on one hand and the development of high-performance connectivity services with quasi-generalized wired or mobile access on the other hand (fiber, 4G, etc.).

Following those new tendencies, Ozitem delivers new collaborative tool such as @Visio.

@Visio allows you to communicate and share information with your teams. We create spaces (persistent virtual meeting room) that you can use any time and with any devices to meet and chat (if enabled) with your teams or customers.

@Visio is an easy to use and intuitive video conferencing solution, with many added features such as:

  • HD video
  • Instant chat
  • Content sharing
  • Multi-screen lay out
  • Video meeting invitation in one click
  • Accessible with every device (Laptop, smartphone, tablets).
  • Interoperability with other solution (Skype, Lync, Jaber …)


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