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Above all, a company’s momentum depends on its employees,
that’s why the Ozitem Group puts our teams at the heart of our strategy.

Above all, a company’s momentum depends on its employees, that’s why the Ozitem Group puts our teams at the heart of our strategy.

To all those looking to get involved in innovative transformation projects around complex infrastructure, managed services, the Cloud and SMACS… look no further!

We focus our efforts on four key areas that are at the very heart of the challenges faced by our customers and colleagues:


A tailor-made career path


We’re not like those other faceless human resources policies, and our employees are anything but clones. Our goal is to find the right role for the right person, so that everyone can flourish in their own special way.

We develop your expertise and accelerate your career path with the help of various initiatives adapted to your own skills and experience.


Valuing your skills


Because you don’t have to settle for just being good, here, you can be excellent. Ozitem really is

‘the place to be’ for pushing yourself to the limit and getting the most out of every experience.

Our centres of expertise, our Technical Department and our Research and Development Department, will be the building blocks of your learning process. All our consultants are trained in the most innovative technologies across the entire spectrum of infrastructure and cloud services, including projects that bring significant added value. We promote an inter-disciplinary approach, where all our teams come together to respond to our customers’ needs.

Our OziCampus, which is our centre of operations, gives you the chance to quickly build up your skills by experimenting with a wide variety of new technologies.


Putting the emphasis on working closely together


The hierarchy at Ozitem? We prefer to talk about managerial proximity. This translates into effective decision-making cycles within projects, informal meetings coupled with a friendly and warm atmosphere, where top management mixes seamlessly with all employees. We want to bring our employees together, unifying our teams through various events, such as after work get-togethers, themed nights, challenges and some fantastic annual nights out!


Focussing on customer success


The Ozitem experience is about having high standards, being positive and making a real commitment to providing the very best quality of service to our customers. This state of mind helps us to ultimately make the difference for our customers.

Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors, which gives you the unique opportunity to choose the industry that suits you best, including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, services, energy, distribution and luxury brands.


Our Human Resources department is there to ensure transparency, so your career path with us can meet your aspirations and help you create a tailor-made role. Above all, it’s about quality.

The recruitment process is a key stage for us, as hiring the right people leads to quality services and better team cohesion!


1. Proceeding with your application, we’ll discuss your career goals and our opportunities for you by phone.
2. Meet up with the Human Resources team and then have a chat with our technical experts/operational managers who will be able to better assess the roles best suited to you.

3. You’ll receive a response within 7 days, whatever the outcome.

If you meet all the requirements and decide you want to join Ozitem, welcome to the team!


We maintain a very high level of technical skills within our teams, training them on the technologies of their choice (with strong partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, etc.). Whatever your role, training is a key part of our policy to help employees cope with technical, industrial and organisational developments.

Every employee receives training sessions and two certifications per year, as decided in annual appraisals.

We’re always on the lookout for new people to join our teams who are curious and engaged with a real hunger for new and innovative solutions, as well as sharing our passion for new technology.

Contributing to equal opportunities for everyone is a priority for Ozitem.

Employment & disability


Ozitem strives to provide equal opportunities in the workplace for people with a disability.

Our initiatives include:

informing employees and raising awareness around disability;

helping to facilitate the recruitment of people with disabilities;

implementing a welcoming policy towards those workers;

advising and supporting people with disabilities in administrative processes;

helping to keep people in work.




Since 1 January 2012, the Ozitem Group has implemented an action plan to promote workplace equality between men and women.

The purpose of this initiative is to improve opportunities for women to progress across all the Group’s operations and to promote fairer treatment between the sexes.

Developing mixed teams across the business, guaranteeing equal levels of remuneration and supporting the introduction of more women into certain roles are among the main objectives.

The three areas of action are:


effective remuneration;

professional training.


Employing senior citizens


Not discriminating against people because of their age and guaranteeing equal opportunities for ‘seniors’ are based on respecting fundamental human rights.

Creating employment opportunities for workers over the age of 50 is therefore a priority, as is the sharing of specific skills between the generations.

These two elements are vital to the Ozitem Group’s sustainability, which involves three key areas of action:

recruiting older workers;

developing skills and qualifications, as well as access to training;

sharing skills and knowledge and developing mentoring schemes.

Convinced? Why not give it a try?

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