Managed services: from digital transformation to IT revolution

Managed services refer to a large panel of performance such as monitoring, alert management, maintenance, incident and problem resolution, security or update equipment. Based on concept like industrialization or pooling ressources, they allow CIO and IT teams to rethink on their critical missions and business organization.

From a centralized management …

Managed services is not just an outsourcing contract of all or part of your information system, this is a high leverage of added value.

From performance gain to efficiency and agility, managed services aims to allow CIO and IT teams to be the key player of their organizations, namely in regard to the several nowafays challenges of digital transformation.

By gathering hardware and software components, managed services propose an integrated and centralized offer to simplify IT management and provide collaborative services to users.

They should not be limited to a series of services and technical solutions. It is first and foremost the provision of a set of useful resources to assist CIO and IT teams in their decision making process. A centralized managed services offer is based on a holistic approach that combines IT infrastructure, user environment and support. In regard of new employees’ requirements, it must offer all of these features in an environment built for teamwork.


… to an increased security

Managed services are playing a main role in term of security. It is the guaranty of an increased level of security, that companies are not always able to deploy by their own means.

Indeed, securing IT environments become more and more complicated. Necessary skills to be protected against threats are really ‘specialized” and not often available within internal team. Managed services provider are constantly working on those issues. They are constantly adapting the “best practices” to offer the highest level of security for each infrastructure managed. Moreover, they are offering annual security audit for an optimal security.

Managed services take precedence over outsourcing and we are now talking about co-management. This is a new way of work with CIO, for a radical change of his role. They allow IT teams to cope with the perpetual IT evolutions with serenity and to keep pace with change.

While allowing the provision of a high quality services and ensuring the company security.

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