The performance of your network depends on the availability

and security of your information system

The performance and availability of any network, at any time, are two essential criteria for companies, but when it comes to mobility, security is an increasingly important issue to consider.

Our solutions

The experts at the Ozitem Group will support you every step of the way with your network requirements: audits, architecture, network deployment (LAN, WAN, WiFi and VPN), maintaining good operating conditions, monitoring… they’ll turn your networks into genuine productivity tools.


Performance remains the key issue. Increasing bandwidth requirements (from 40GB to 100GB), transitioning to the Cloud, video conferencing, voice calls… all these issues come to a head around the performance of your network.

We carry out performance audits to identify the limits of your network, assessing the quality of service you’re receiving from your operators, before recommending corrective actions to improve your service quality.

Long-term stability

Networks should always be available and operational, guaranteeing easy access to your resources from anywhere in the world, at any time and from any device. They should guarantee the efficiency and productivity of your business.


Companies need to be prepared to defend themselves against attacks, which can come from both inside and outside the business. Ozitem supports you in protecting yourself against the threats you face with our dedicated IT solutions, such as new-generation firewalls and carefully defined access control guidelines, antivirus software, VPN, Sandbox, IPS to block malware threats in real-time, ransomware, strong authentication methods, and so on.

The networks of tomorrow

The networks of tomorrow will be even more agile and closely linked with applications, shortening the provision cycles of new services as a result, as well as reducing ownership costs. These changes are being made possible particularly as a result of recent innovations in software-defined networks and hyper-converged infrastructure.

Our partners

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