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Transforming IT within companies must be in line with end users’ new online behaviour and the operational needs of the business.

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Our Starcs tool dashboard


Starcs is an innovative tool developed by our R&D department, making it possible to effectively manage the workstation renewal process. Moreover, the solution offers an entirely paperless approach, with the help of mobile apps (integration and testing), fitting perfectly into any company’s ‘all-digital’ policy. Starcs also makes it possible to involve users in the process, giving them the chance to set their own agenda, making them change agents in their own right.

touch 4 help

This application lets employees instantly request level 2 support after a post-installation incident as part of a project, without having to go through all the usual incident management processes. A notification will arrive in the project’s generic inbox, a ticket will be created and very soon it will appear on the mobile app’s management interface.

Touch 4 Help application button

Our solutions

User experience (in situ or outsourced)
Nowadays, businesses are having to adapt to new user behaviour and digital working environments made up of a whole range of different devices, including fixed PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. However, to move into this new era, companies need to keep in mind that properly designing and managing how their way of working is transformed will involve some key factors that are fundamental to their success.
Managed services
  • Flat-rate support for 28,000 customers in France
  • An entire range of operations integrating end-to-end IT management, from managing stock to level 2 support, leading services departments
  • Managing costs
  • SLA guarantees
  • Industrialisation and productivity gains
  • Commitments to productivity gains and continuous improvement
Server and application infrastructure management
  • Supervision, leadership
  • Sequencing, production plans
  • Production management
  • Mastering, packaging, remote-distribution
Hosting centre
  • 24,000 workstations
  • Data centres located in France
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Independent Internet provider